OpenAgile London 2013


The Conference


Monday, March 18th

London, Ontario



Real-world management framework from the leaders of the most productive organizations.

How to approach projects from beginning?

How to respond to stakeholders' needs?

How to deliver more value with lower cost?


Discover your full capacity in a trusting, transparent and inspiring environment; find the right workplace that you can fully express yourself.

What kind of organizations I enjoy working in?

What kind of company cultures empowers me?

What kind of teams inspire me to improve?

Where happiness comes ...


Organizations' problems with traditional methods, the road of adoption, and the benefits from implementing OpenAgile framework.

Understand the secret of team morale building, motivation, and communication.

Down to the very basic human interactions and emotion triggers.

Sometimes money won't work, but your leadership skills will ...



Build up a highly efficient and united team yourself that constantly improves.

Why those teams could work together so well?

Why should your team focus on short term plan?

Why they are so productive?

Everyone works, with joy ...


Create businesses that are innovative and sustainable.

Find tools for teams in any type of management environment: projects, student clubs, operations, sales, executives, social enterprises, and charities.

OpenAgile London 2013 Conference

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